Sunday, 18 November 2012

Winter, the perfect barbecue season!

Being outdoors in winter doesn't necessarily need to mean freezing one's toes off. Eating out at a barbecue is the perfect way to get some fresh air, keep warm and meet your neighbours, too!
Warm food, warm fingers, warm belly.

Hostesses by the fire.

No risk of going back home hungry.

Small sausages for small children.

Veggies & cheese, a wonderful combination.
Breakfast barbecue fare.

Chocolate bananas are always a hit!

The tenants' committee not only organizes these barbecues, but also enables anyone living in the eastern student village - yes, including you, if you live here - to organize a BBQ to his/her taste. It's simple:

- pick a time and place (there are at least half a dozen BBQ sites in the village; we haven't explored all yet).
- post an ad at least one week prior to the event in the notice boards or FB to announce the event - all inhabitants must have a chance to participate!
- buy anything you like for max. 30 euros (alcohol-free, though!)
- light the fire and take care of the event, including extinguishing the fire at the end.
- keep a list of participants.
- bring your receipt and the list of participants to TYS and the sum you paid will be returned to your bank account.

This is as close to a free lunch as one can get =). Enjoy!

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