Thursday, 16 March 2017

Kahden naisen kotikirppis / Fleamarket by to women


Tervetuloa kahden naisen (tyttären & äidin) järjestämälle kotikirppikselle Halisten sillan läheisyyteen! Myynnissä pääosin naisten vaatteita (koot S-L), kenkiä (39-41) ja laukkuja.
Vaatteita löytyy joka lähtöön, tyyliin ja vuodenaikaan ja ne ovat kivasti esillä 6-8 rekissä. Paikalla on sovitusmahdollisuus.
Paikalle saa tulla shoppailemaan la-su 25.-26.3. klo 10-14

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We have a Fleamarket Sale organized by one of our tenants. They will be selling mainly women's clothes (size S-L), shoes (39-41) and bags.

They have clothes for everyone's taste, style and seasons. The clothes will be layouted on 6-8 cloth racks and you'll have the chance to fit the clothes.

Opening hours are on sat-sun 25.-26.3. at 10am-2pm.

Check the event page for more details.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Poker Night Saturday the 18th

We are doing a Poker night! Bring your friends and neighbours to play some poker games!

This could be you
We got a serious poker set, chips and refreshments, and a relaxed environment to practice your poker face.

If you don't know how to play, we will teach you!

Where? Committee's Kellari (20 B, downstairs. Ask for the code if needed)
When? Saturday 18th of March at 17h
How much? Nothing at all

Toimikunnan kokouksen Pöytäkirja 22.05.2021 / Meeting minutes for Tenants Committee Meeting 22.05.2021

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