Friday, 21 October 2016

Events policy

When you attend/register for an event, it is considered that you have read the policy and you are agree with the terms and conditions.
Rules and regulations.
  1. Events where the sign-up is binding:
  • Only one person can be registered per e-mail.
  • Priority by mail arrival order.
  • For each registration, the subject of the e-mail should be the name of the event.
  • Your name and address should be included in the registration.  
  • The number of participants can be changed according to the coordinator of the event.
  • If you register but do not appear to the event and do not notify the event coordinator about your cancellation; you are still considered as you have attended. Therefore in future events new people will be prioritised. Remember that you can always cancel your participation to the event coordinator, however in advance.
  1. Events at the common room
  • It is mandatory to clearly indicate the name of the person in charge of the event, to be contacted for any logistics and /or administrative issues.
  • The common room should be cleaned after each use. The maintenance and cleanliness of the common room should be checked by the person in charge, optionally other committee members can assist.

Changes and cancellation policy
  • Some of the events may be weather-dependent and therefore might be cancelled in case of bad weather.
  • In case of cancellation, we will try to move it to another day.
  • If you want to cancel your participation to the event, please inform the event coordinator via e-mail in advance.

Purpose. Events are special opportunities to meet your neighbours and  to enjoy the activities that Turku offers. Some events are open only to members of the student village east community. At others, also members of the west side and non-residents of student village are welcome but the member for the east side will always have the priority. For events organised by two or more committees the priority will mentioned in the event.
Tenants (and visitors) attending the events, are expected to treat all others with respect.
Sponsorship. Part of the rent of the tenants is provided by TYS to finance the events. For more expensive events, participants are charged with a small fee.
Event Coordinator. The event coordinator is chosen by the committee, and she/he is in charge of organizing the events with bigger budgets (>100€). Under the approval of the tenant committee, the event coordinator oversees all arrangements for certain assigned events and also provides advice and guidance for others who want to organize events. Any willing tenant can organize events. Events with fixed budget do not require the approval of the committee, these fixed budgets are approved by the committee once a year.
Budgetary Arrangements. The budget needed for the event, is chosen by the tenant committee in the regular meetings. There are events with fixed budgets*:
                                           Estimated budget    number of events               Total

Sauna                                 50 €/event                            12                           600 €
Meetings                             20 €/event                            26                           520 €
Movie night                         30 €/event                            20                           600 €
Board game night               30 €/event                            20                           600 €
Clubroom                         approx. 1000 €                                             
Christmas party                approx. 1000 €
Rental items                     approx. 1000 €
Moominland trip                approx. 500 €

*It can change according to the annual tenants committee decisions.
After the event the amount spent should be registered in our system to keep a record.
Publicity. All the tenants committee events should be published in the facebook group “Asukastoimikunta YO-kylä itä/ Student Village East” through the tenant committee’s profile “Yo-itä SV-East Vänner”, on the blog and on the google calendar at least one week in advance. For events with bigger budgets (>100€), the publicity should be longer to give all the tenants the opportunity to join.
Insurance. In case of accidents and medical emergencies, you are liable for your own health insurance.

Do not hesitate in contacting the tenant committee for any question you may have.

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