Sunday, 6 March 2016

Let's go next Saturday to ski in Hirvensalo!
Here you have more information about the place:
This is an activity for 10 to 15 people. We can go together from SV or meet there at 9:45. The idea is to spend the whole day there.
There will be a fee of 10 € per person, the committee will cover the rest of the cost. For the people who does not need to rent the equipment the free is 5 €.
To make the renting easier and faster, it would be wonderful if everyone, who needs the equipment for rent, could send me the following information.
- the height
- the shoe size
- the weight
In order to sign-up, you should also send your name and address to Refer the email with "Ski Event" (priority by mail arrival order).
Do not hesitate in contact me or the tenant committee for any question you may have.


WHEN? Saturday 12.03
WHERE?Kakskerrantie 111
HOW MUCH? 10 € (5 € if you do not need to rent the equipment)


  1. We are eight!! There is still room for seven more. Remember to send the e-mail in order to sign-up

  2. The event is already full! I will inform here if we have a cancellation. You still can register and be in the waiting list.


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