Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Annual meeting

Hello! Welcome to the annual tenants committee meeting! The annual meet is a great chance to meet your neighbours, learn about the tenants committee activities and share experiences.We are continuously organizing activities and taking care of the rental items and the common room reservation but each year members of the committee go out and we need new members to keep everything on going. We will choose the president, vice president and secretary, explain you about our activities(rental of items, common room reservations) and events (climbing, bowling, bubble soccer and so on) and try to convince you to be part of the committee :P So come by yourself, bring along your flatmates or other people who lives in student village east.The meetings start at 19 and don't really have a fixed ending time. Remember that we have a facebook group: Asukastoimikunta YO-kylä itä/ Student Village East and a profile: Yo-itä SV-East Vänner There you will be able to check what we have been doing

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