Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Regular meeting

We have regular meetings on even weeks at 7:30 pm. - open to eveybody! Meet your neighbors, plan activities, etc. Welcome!

WHAT? Meeting
WHEN? Wednesday 19.10 at 19:30
WHERE? Common room 50 A 7
FOOD? Snacks and pizza

We will post the meeting agenda once we approve it :)

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    1. New members and distribution of charge
    2. How to vote and when a decision is valid?
    3. Hoa Nguyen and her Turkulab challenge tournament.
    4. Gabriele Beltrame and the creation of a forum for public discussion on cultural and actual news topics in Student village.
    5. Instruction for the new members.
    6. Master Key.
    7. Budget and minutes.
    8. Whatsapp group
    9. Acquisition of a new laptop
    10. Bus card for the committee
    11. Monthly events
    12. Event policy
    13. Maintenance of the common room.
    14. New furniture for the common room.
    15. Other things coming up
    16. Agreeing on the next meeting of the Tenant Committee
    17. Ending the meeting


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